Your gateway to digital advertising
in China

We provide our worldwide customers access to all the leading digital advertising channels in China. You can run your campaigns on our easy to use platform and/or let our Shanghai-based team of digital advertising experts guide you with local knowledge of how to target your customers across all available channels.

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Founded 2016

Oslo, Norway

From an early focus on assisting international companies succeed in China, the focus since 2018 has been on digital advertising and our platform that opens up opportunities in the Chinese market to everyone.

30 countries

... and counting

From our early start with a focus on the Nordics, our platform has made it possible to reach out and enable customers from all continents. We continue to add new customers and our English speaking team is able to serve everyone.

Global team

10 time zones

In addition to our headquarters in Norway and an operations team in Shanghai, our associates are based across the world. We are very comfortable managing across time zones, cultures, and languages, and of course accommodate our customers anywhere.

Growing fast

Doubling every year

Since we launched our platform, we have doubled in size every year. Growth comes through an increasing number of small and medium sized companies, but also through a comprehensive service package that serve larger enterprises or international ad agencies very well.

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