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Social media in China have more than 800 million active users on a monthly base.  And just like in the west it is important to have an official profile for branding, but with no Facebook. Linkedin or instagram what social media should you use? Below here are the social media that we work together with to make sure your brand gets the awareness it needs in the Chinese market.


WeChat is a cross-platform and instant messaging application developed by Tencent. WeChat has over a billion created accounts and currently 1 082 million active users.

Chinese Social Media WeChat
Chinese Social Media Weibo


One of the most popular social media platform in China, with 463 million active monthly users. Weibo is easiest to think of as a combination of Twitter and Facebook.


As a combination of a social media and ecommerce platform, Xiaohongshu have attracted the attention of many international brands. The closes western social media to Xiaohongshu is instagram

Chinese Social Media XiaoHongShu


Is an instant messaging platform launched in 1999 by Tencent. They currently have over 700 million active monthly users. 


Also known as TikTok outside of China. The platform currently have more than 150 million active daily users in China and more than 500 million active daily users world-wide. The main content on Douyin is short videos.

Chinese Social Media TikTok DouYin

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