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With the “great firewall”, the cross boarder internet traffic has been either blocked or significantly slowdown, which means your potential Chinese consumers may have trouble when visiting or finding your website. We can help improve your SEO ranking on search engines in China. 


Baidu is the no. 1 search engine in China with strong and innovative teams. It is not only a platform for individual users but also an integrated online marketing and transaction services provider.

Chinese Search Engine Baidu


Haosou, owned by Qihoo 360, was launched as a search engine in 2012. Where it quickly became the second most used search engine. The main reason for it’s success is that it is the default search engine in the browser made by Qihoo 360.


Multifuntional search engine with loyal and diversed users. Sogou’s web application products are designed to classify online information, such as music, picture, video clip, news, map and vertical information.

Chinese Search Engine Sogou

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