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With the “great firewall”, the cross boarder internet traffic has been either blocked or significantly slowdown, which means your potential Chinese consumers may have trouble when visiting your website. We will help you to optimize your website to be more user friendly for Chinese visitors.


Ctrip is China’s largest online travel agency. Founded in 1999, and listed in Nasdaq in 2003, Ctrip provides its more than 300 million users with comprehensive services including hotel reservations, flight bookings, package tours, corporate travel management, train tickets, and dining reservations.

Chinese Online Travel Agencies Ctrip
Chinese Online Travel Agencies Fliggy


Fliggy, owned by Alibaba, is an online travel agency providing plane tickets, hotel booking services, tour guide services, visa application services, and vacation packages. With more than 200 million registered users, Fliggy offers the best quality outgoing travel services to meet millennials’ travel demands.



Qyer is a leading social platform for Chinese travellers. Founded in 2004, Qyer has engaging more than 100 million users with its premium content including reliable travel guidebook,  active travel forum and Q&A. Other than that, Qyer also offer online booking informations for airlines, car rentals, hotels, package tours around the world.


Chinese Online Travel Agencies Qyer
Chinese Online Travel Agencies mafengwo


Mafengwo is one of China’s fastest-growing social travel apps that enables users to share travel experiences with others. with its over one million user-generated travel guides, influencer blogs and over six million ratings and reviews, Mafengwo is considered as the travel bible of the young generations.

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