Channel Partners in China

We want your brand to get in front of target customers and maximize your ad budget with our in-depth knowledge of all leading channels in China.

Paid Advertising Channels

700 million users. Baidu is very similar to Google. You pay for keywords and maintain your SEO strategies. Because of its reach, it is also the most commonly used channel to run paid ads.
1.2 billion active users every months and millions of transactions each day. WeChat is the no.1 communication/chat app in China. Detailed targeting capabilities make it a favorite tool to run paid ads in the B2B space.
Tencent QQ
823 million monthly active users. The QQ app is one of the most commonly used instant messaging apps. QQ ranks third in China in terms of popularity and usage.
Tencent News
288 million active monthly users. Tencent News is the leading mobile news platform. It provides authoritative news in realtime, and enjoys a large number of loyal middle to high-end users.
Tencent Video
500 million monthly active users. Tencent Video is China's no.1 video streaming app.
With reduced usefulness of LInkedIn as a promotion tool in China, MaiMai has emerged as a valid option with its 'WeChat for business' profile. Professionals can be targeted for promotion or recruiting purposes.
Bytedance Video
We also enable campaigns through the other Bytedance video channels, Xigua and Huoshan, each with 50 million daily active users.

Social Media Channels

Mafengwo is one of the main social media platforms for brands in the travel, tourism, and hospitality sector. KOL plays an important factor as users share their travel experiences. The channel should be in the mix when promoting brands to Chinese tourists.
Xiaohongshu is a platform for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs or 'Influencers). Regular advertising campaigns are oftentimes boosted by KOLs and could be a critical element in certain segments. KOLs are used both for B2C and B2B and GDC will help you find the right ones.
Douyin (TikTok)
400 million daily active users. Douyin is the Chinese version of Tiktok and is the no.1 app for short videos. User base is loyal with a high engagement factor.
220 million daily active users. Toutiao is the no.1 app for news in China and created by Bytedance.

E-commerce Partners

GDC works with several e-commerce sites to access the retail market for our customers. Through our partners, we can also assist with logistics, web/video demos, and physical promotions. The three leading e-commerce sites are Taobao (Alibaba), Tmall, and

1.1 billion monthly active users. YingYongBao is Tencent's popular Android app store. The channel is ideal to promote apps, mobile games, and increase app exposure. /Taobao and Taobao are part of the Alibaba Group and China's largest e-commerce site with more than 150,000 brands available. The Alibaba sites had 979 million Chinese customers in 2021. is a challenger to Tmall and continues to add sections that allows consumers to buy international brands. Currently 570 million users. Focus on authentic, high-quality products.

Online Payment Partners

Alipay and WeChat Pay are the major mobile payment players in China. Together, they account for more than 90 percent of the market share. With mobile payments becoming ubiquitous in China, the next frontier for Alipay and WeChat Pay is to make their services available overseas for Chinese travellers and eventually global customers.

What is revolutionary is that China has jumped directly from cash to mobile payments. It has skipped the process of using cheques and bank cards like what developed countries usually experience. Accepting Chinese UnionPay cards used to be the only prerequisite to satisfy Chinese outbound tourists, but mobile payments are changing the game entirely.