In China, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon have been taken place by Baidu, WeChat, Weibo and Tmall. There are not only obstacles to overcome difficulties such as language, culture and government policy, but also differences in online user experiences and customer behaviors. GoDigitalChina has exclusive partner relationship with the major digital platforms in China. Through our delivery team in China we can insure your brand to receive high visibility within the right customer groups.
Search Engine

Baidu is the no. 1 search engine in China with strong and innovative teams. It is not only a platform for individual users but also an integrated online marketing and transaction services provider.

Multifuntional search engine with loyal and diversed users. Sogou's web application products are designed to classify online information, such as music, picture, video clip, news, map and vertical information.

Social Media

WeChat is a cross-platform and instant messaging application developed by Tencent. WeChat has over a billion created accounts and currently 1 082 million active users.

The most popular social media platform in China, a combination of Twitter and Facebook.

E-shop, operated by Alibaba Group, is a platform for local Chinese and international businesse to sell goods to consumers in China. features more than 150.000 Chinese and international brands and servers more than 300 million buyers in China. is China´s leading e-commerce company for direct sales with a wide selection of authentic, high-quality Chinese products at competitive prices and delivers them to customers’ doors in a speedy and dependable manner.